He Braved The War, Now He’s Changing His Destiny…. Through Code

Learn the inspiring story of one veteran who returned from Afghanistan, empowered to change his future.

Meet Dawon

Hear his story – watch the inspiring video below

Since returning from 9 months in Afghanistan, Dawon has been working in an IT job.

Determined to create better career opportunities for himself, he selected The Disruption Institute.

As a graduate of our 10 week program, he learned how to build mobile apps.

Watch the video to hear his inspiring story & why he’s excited about his prospects for the future.

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Thank You, Dawon

Most of us will never understand what it’s like to put yourself in harm’s way.

It takes tremendous courage.

Thank you for your service!

Now, take that same bravery and apply it to your career.

No one can stop you from creating your future.

Empower Yourself

Dawon learned how to code and so can you.

Read another inspiring story of a graduate who went from zero coding experience to being a senior mobile developer at IBM in less than two years.

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