Mom Learns To Code, Creates New Future For Career & Family

She took a career break to care for family… now she’s excited for a new future after learning to code.

Previously an IT Business Analyst, Sree wanted to return to the workforce as a software developer…. but she didn’t know how to code.

To help her change that, she applied for our 10 week mobile development program at The Disruption Institute.

Her determination was apparent throughout the intensive program, exemplified by the 3 types of commitment required for success.

In this post, you’ll discover one of the apps she built & learn why she’s excited for her future.

Meet TastieBuds

TastieBuds lets you find restaurants near you, view their menus & call to order right from the app!

Check it out in action below!

Search for restaurants near you

learn to code in kansas city

Where are they located?

Show the restaurants near you in map view

2015-08-20 20_47_59

Menu view & call to order

Select a place, view their menu and press the “call to order” button! 

kansas city code school

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Q&A: Learn More About Sree

What impact did this experience have on you?

It helps improve analytical and problem solving skills.

Its really exciting when you go from requirements….. to finally seeing it work!

Building an app each week of the course and then presenting them to the class increased my confidence on coding. It made me think “Yes, I can do this and want to do more of it!”.

What made you interested in learning to code?

I was always curious to learn how things work, especially when it comes to games & animations.

What would you most like to do after you graduate?

I want to be a full time app developer working in a team, where I can contribute my skills….and at the same time learn from coworkers and their experience.

Psst: are you interested in hiring her? get in touch!

You Can Learn To Code In KC

Learn To Code Kansas City - The Disruption Institute Sree learned how to code and so can you.

Learn about the brave soldier who came back from war and changed his destiny…through code…. or the inspiring story of a graduate who went from zero coding experience to being a senior mobile developer at IBM in less than two years.

No one can stop you from creating your future

Kansas City Code School - The Disruption Institute

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