Revealed: 3 Winning Submissions For The Disruption Institute’s Fiber Mobile App Idea Contest!

The Disruption Institute - Learn How To Build Mobile Apps In Kansas CityWe’re excited to share the winning ideas for our Fiber Mobile App Contest which awarded scholarships to 3 to individuals with the most innovative mobile app ideas that leverage Google Fiber!

Fiber Mobile App Scholarship Contest

The Disruption Institute’s goal is to make Kansas City into a world leader for mobile innovation. Google Fiber presents us with a tremendous opportunity to do that.

We wanted to help foster the creation of new mobile ideas for this next-generation network, thus the creation of our Fiber Mobile App Scholarship Contest!

It’s about more than just speed; it’s about interaction. With Fiber, there are endless opportunities to connect people/devices in new ways.

With over 35 awesome submissions by people who wanted to bring their concept of a fiber mobile app to life, we had to make some hard decisions!

We selected 3 strong ideas that not only leverage Google Fiber, but also have the potential to move Kansas City forward!

Multi-Camera Collaboration

Indoor augmented reality, coming to @kptotalhealth via @brandnewschool Darrin Ragsdale submitted a real time, multi camera overlay system for collaboration in work and play. He tells us that the inspiration came from Matt Mills TED talk on the development of augmented reality tools.

Darrin states: “We’ve all had times when we would like our coworker, assistant, guide, etc. to see what we see, so we send them photos.

Photos are much better than text-emails or verbal conversations, but how much more could we do with a helping hand which can move onto a remote screen. How much time would we save searching a co-workers desk for that forgotten document?”

He describes an example use case: “My wife sends me to Hobby Lobby for a special fabric. I pull up the app which allows me share my camera with her, likewise she activates her camera. Any motion detected on her camera will be overlaid on our shared environment. If she points to a color, I know what she wants because the active pixels as shown on her camera will link to our real time environment.”

Theia: A 3 Part Video Platform

Rebuilt FPV quadcopterAndrew Rangel submitted Theia, which is a 3 part video platform. As our passion is a focus on creating the future, his forward thinking & lofty vision really captured our imagination!

Google Fiber speeds will allow raw and dynamic social interaction through live feeds of video. Instead of limiting our expression to edited clips and short 6-30 seconds snippets, Google Fiber and Theia allow live streaming video brought to your mobile device and computer.

He describes Theia (named after the Greek Titan Goddess of sight) as a 3 part video platform all tied together via mobile.

Theia Booths

Modules of (8) 27 inch super High Definition screens arranged in an octagon shape attached to a 4k camera microphone & speakers.

Strategically placed around the Kansas City area, these booths will allow people to interact with each other and make them realize they are one city, one people.

Theia Sky

Drones that have 4k cameras attached to them that act as the newschopper of the 21st century. If Gigabit Wifi towers existed, the live feeds would be flawlessly transmitted with dynamic and unique camera angles of any live events throughout the city.

Example uses might be might be events that connect the city like the Plaza Lighting Ceremony and could also be used for traffic, weather or emergency.

Theia View

The mobile app that ties this concept together by aggregating the video streams generated by Theia Sky in a unique, user friendly way.

He hopes to create the TV experience of the future: “Rather than going through content providers, people become the content producers. With zero buffering these feeds will create a new medium for people to tell stories, interact and feel more connected to their city”.

Augmented Tours For Local Cultural Hotspots

mobile meetup augmented reality Mike Berlin aims to create a better user experience for local cultural hotspots through augmented reality tours.

Mike told us that he’s frustrated by small paragraphs about local exhibits, stating “We miss the story behind them“.

His idea would provide “flood gates of information and keep users at these cultural treasures for longer periods as they get educated about the things they’re looking at”.

Users would be able to find out more about cultural exhibits in Kansas City. Using location based services, the app would deliver the story behind the exhibit by delivering more detailed information & interactive content (video, etc).

People could rate, comment & share information to their social networks, which could then drive more people to see all the things that make Kansas City great.

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