How This Code School Is Shaping The Future Of Kansas City

How can learning to code change your future?

Learn about The Disruption Institute, a code school that’s changing lives….and the future of Kansas City.

Small Beginnings

The story of The Disruption Institute is like no other.

It all began with community.

7 years ago, I created Kansas City IT Professionals as a means to connect with industry peers.

We started with events…happy hours, then expanded to IT job fairs and roundtables.

Since then, KCITP has grown into one of the largest tech communities in the nation (13,000+ members).

Bigger Possibilities

As the community grew, the possibilities became almost exponential.

With the arrival of Google Fiber, I knew we had to help drive innovation.

How could we help change the future of Kansas City?

We stepped it up a notch with events, organizing big hackathons and created the world class Compute Midwest conference (as seen in Forbes, Inc. & Fast Company).

Events are an incredible way to connect people with new ideas and each other, but they only bring people together for a short period of time.

We continue to deliver incredible events, but to change the future, we would also focus on education.

A Kansas City Code School

Thus, the idea for The Disruption Institute was born.

It’s a 10 week intensive bootcamp – helping people to learn how to code in Kansas City.

Anyone can learn how to do anything they put their mind to.

Learning to code is no exception.

There’s no “magic” or mystery to it.

We can give you the tools, resources, access to the support of incredible mentors & teachers….but your success is ultimately up to you.

If you’re motivated and never give up….incredible things can happen. I’ve seen it with our graduates.

Take Andrew for example….his story will touch your heart.

Building The Future

When I started KCITP, I had found my passion….

….I just didn’t know it yet.

I had no idea it’d turn into one of the largest tech communities in the nation.

I had no idea we’d create the world class Compute Midwest tech conference or even The Disruption Institute.

Having spent 7 years of my life on building community and the last few on our conferences & code school….I feel lucky every day to have found my passion.

We want to help others find theirs…life is too short to do uninspired work.

All it requires is deciding on a path, putting one foot in front of the other….and never looking back.

Do you want to change your future? Take the first step & learn how to code!

Our next class starts soon, Apply today!

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  1. realist says:

    Kansas City? But wait, the Silicon Valley types say there is no talent outside of Silicon Valley.

    We hear the talking heads talk about how people in flyover country don’t want to learn STEM, so please let us import unlimited H1B visa holders!

    You’re really going against the grain, and that is a GOOD THING(TM).