How You Can Find Your Passion By Learning To Code

Have you found your passion? Andrew did. He’s made custom instruments for Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars bands….now he’s building ideas with code.

Meet Andrew

Hear his story – watch the inspiring video below

“There were numerous scenarios where I wish I had some coding skills”, he says while speaking about ideas he wanted to build.

Most importantly, Andrew has always been interested in finding passions: “I dont want to spend 1/3rd of my day doing something I’m unhappy with“.

Determined to create better career opportunities for himself, he selected The Disruption Institute to learn how to code.

“Coding was just an idea for me to explore….that has mushroomed and exploded into not being able to put my computer down”.

Watch the video to hear his story! Are you interested in hiring him? Get in touch!

Thank You, Andrew!

Code School Kansas City - The Disruption Institute

Andrew, it was a tremendous honor to have you as part of The Disruption Institute.

Building instruments for legendary musical acts like Taylor Swift requires expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.

All you needed to do was take that same focus and apply it to software development.

Your passion inspired me and I’m looking forward to seeing your career evolve.

Just remember:  no one can stop you from creating your future.

Empower Yourself

Andrew learned how to code and so can you.

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Kansas City Code School - Disruption Institute

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