3 Tips For Your Success When Applying To The Disruption Institute

Apply To Kansas City Coding Bootcamp - The Disruption Institute

Do you want to learn how to code?

Thinking about applying to The Disruption Institute?

Here are few quick tips on the 3 essay questions you need to focus on for maximum success.

Being thorough and thoughtful in these answers illustrates that you’re someone who’s detail oriented will go the extra mile.

All of these are important traits in people who want to become successful.

Why are you applying?

Tell us your story – why are you applying to The Disruption Institute?

Where are you at in life?

Why do you want to be part of this?

Andrew built custom instruments for Taylor Swift, The Tonight Show and Bruno Mars bands – now he’s building apps

Your Background With Programming

Have you tinkered with any sort of programming before? Perhaps some online resources, books or college classes?

Be detailed about what languages you’ve learned (or tried to), as well as some projects you’ve built.

Have you not done any programming before? That’s ok too! We’ve taken complete beginners who wanted to learn how to code in Kansas City & helped jumpstart their career.

Here’s one of the projects a grad built as his final project for our coding bootcamp

Tell Us About A Time When You Didn’t Give Up

This one is the most important.

Tell us a story about a time in which you overcame a challenge and how it might have changed you.

Michael knew learning to code would be difficult, but he never gave up.

Our next class starts soon – take control of your destiny and apply today!

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